TELKOM PINS’s Staretgy to Become The IoT Company

Inevitably, digital world develops very fast in Indonesia. In 2017, eMarketer predicts Indonesian netters reach 112 million people, outdoing Japan in the 5th rank. Every time, almost all people visit a webstie to obtain information they search for. Simply speaking, website may be defined as a set of pages containing information made available via internet line thereby accessible worldwide as long as connected to internet network.

PINS Indonesia as the subsidiary of Telkom, officially launched Newlook Website PINS on Thursday (29/09). The newest appearence of the website represents PINS as the IoT Company.

“This Website is one of PINS’ commitment as the IoT Company, expectedly this new face of website will facilitate the stakeholders and PINS in building communication and as the center of information for public”, CEO PINS Prasabri Pesti explained.

PINS’ new website will have several differences from the pevious version, one of the most prominent ones is the design with the younger, communicative, modern,eyecatching nuance and of course indicating PINS positioning as the IoT Company.

Telkom via PINS Indonesia is currently focusing on the development of IoT products. With platform and HR capabily, PINS is ready to welcome IoT era. To make it come true, PT PINS Indonesia has entered into cooperation with the world-class principal in preparing a reliable IoT platform, so in the future, IoT’s products such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Smart Building, and Smart City are able to be enjoyed well by the markets. They will strengthen the Telkom solution product line known as Telkom Solution.

“PINS will focus on the continuous development of IoT in Indonesia, it is PINS’ commitment to become The Leading IoT Company in Indonesia,” Prasabri explained.

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