Telkom PINS and G1 Develop Drone Business


Jakarta – PINS Indonesia, subsidiary of Telkom, tried to explore the chance by developing drone service business together with Global Inovasi Informasi Indonesia (G1).

As we understood, drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), is a technology already existing long before but its fast development just took place in the recent three years.

At first, drone was only used by military field. But in line with the era advancement, there was already effort to develop it for the mission of searching, taking picture, recording video and data gathering as well as aerial imaging for non-military purposes.

And, this chance also becomes the target of PINS that aggressively enters to Internet of Things (IoT) business segment. Supported by the resources they have, PINS and G1 agreed to enter into a collaboration amid the increasing trend of drone.

According to CEO PINS Prasabri Pesti, the cooperation between PINS and G1 covered the provision of drone vehicle, joint development of various types of drone, procurement of survey instrument, as well as aerial mapping service.

“PINS Indonesia will provide the best services in drone in line with the customers’ need,” said Prasabri usually called PP when interviewed by detikINET, Saturday (8/10/2016).

The best services according to PP are inter alia environmental change, infrastructure development planning, obeservation to the quality of infrastructures such as road and dam, plantation mapping, as well as aerial imaging.

“It includes the drone based geographical information system service that will facilitate PINS’ customers in various fields,” he explained further after signing memorandum of understanding between PINS and G1.

Further he said, technology development is quite fast due to the customers’ high demand. So, the technology service companies such as PINS, persistently compete to create novel innovation.

Prasabari also explained the reason of choosing G1 as his business partner. It is the Indonesian native provider of drone system. That is why Telkom PINS was also interested in entering into partnership with it to grow together.

“Drone made by G1 has several functions and many advantages compared to others. As the result, many foreign companies are desirous to acquire the drone made of Indonesian people,” he said.

As we understood, the use of aerial imaging  in the world is one of solutions that is able to provide various information related the condition of a region from air.

The use of information technology advancement is able to minimize the cost and resources required by by aerial imaging  by using unmanned vehicle equipped with several sensors for easy process of location mapping.

The President Director of G1, Gandjar Suargani Djamhir said that the concept of structure design of unmanned aerial vehicle it developed is the light and strong structure and equipped with updated camera and mapping sensor and reliable engine.

“To support such concept in order to be able to meet the application need at field, we adopt proven and efficient modern manufacture technology concept,” he explained.

Prasabri hoped, the cooperation between PINS and G1 provides extra value to the customers, as well as support the government and companies in Indonesia in increasing their productivity from their business operation by utilizing drone technology system.

“Of course, these products will strengthen the product line of Telkom solution known as Telkom Solution,” said Prasabri at the end of interview. (rou/mag)


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