Strengthening IoT Business, PINS Makes Up Its Internet Portal


Jakarta – Internet of Things (IoT) Era is front of our eyes. All technology devices will be connected to internet. PINS Indonesia will also do its best to gain this golden opportunity.

According to PINS’ CEO Prasabri Pesti, one of the strategies to gain higher number of IoT customers is by revitalizing its official portal.

The expectation is of course, by more beautiful portal appearence on internet, the partners or prosepctive partners of PINS will be more attractive to see directly the solution of IoT offered by the Telkom’s subsidiary.

“In the current digital era, official portal of a company is not only as one of the communication channels but also as part of after-sale services and the effective promotion means. That is why we revitalize the official portal of PINS in order to be in line with the vision to become The IoT Company,” said Prasabri Pesti in Jakarta, Thursday (6/10/2016).

In my opinion, currently, even every time, almost all people visit a webstie to obtain information they search for.

“Now people open internet to search for information. Our expect that this new website will facilitate the stakeholders and PINS in building communication and as the center of information for public,” he said.

He expalined that the face of PINS’ new website will have several differences from the pevious version, one of the most prominent ones is the design with the younger, communicative, modern,eyecatching nuance and of course indicating PINS positioning as the IoT Company.

“PINS will focus on the continuous development of IoT in Indonesia, it is PINS’ commitment to become The Leading IoT Company in Indonesia,” he explained.

As we understood, PINS becomes the backbone of Telkom in dealing with IoT business that is growing in Indonesia. PINS has entered into cooperation with the world-class principal in preparing a reliable IoT platform.

“So in the future, IoT’s products such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Smart Building, and Smart City are able to be enjoyed well by the markets. They will strengthen the Telkom solution product line known as Telkom Solution,” Prasabri expalined. (rou/rou)


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