PINS-Telkomcel Deals With IoT Business in Timor Leste


Jakarta – PINS Indonesia strengthens its synergy with Telkomcel to deal with the Internet of Things (IoT) market and technology devices business in Timer Leste.

It is projected that the technology and innovation in the digital world increase in the upcoming years, and in IoT industry as well.

CEO of PINS Prasabri Pesti said that IoT will have significant impact of which the solution must be immediately prepared by both subsidiaries of Telkom Group.

“Now IoT market in the world indicates continuous increase, Timor Leste becomes a potential developing country. Smart Building and bundling smartphone becomes one of industrial trends cureently in Timor Leste,” he said to detikINET, Friday (11/11/2016).

Telkomcel (Telkom International TL) Timor Leste is a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia running business in cellular service. Both PINS and Telkomcel, that are still owned by Telkom Group, have signed a cooperation agreement in Dili, Timor Leste.

The cooperation between PINS and Telkomcel resulted in the bundling program where Telkomcel as the provider of starter pack for prepaid SIM Card and cellular service and PINS as the provider of device or smart phone and IoT solution service as well.

“The current technology development makes the consumers smarter in selecting what they need to support their daily activities. The cooperation between PINS and Telkomcel Timor Leste will answer such customers’need,” he said.

CEO of Telkomcel, Dedi Suherman added, with the widest 3G network, its competency, and capability, the customers put higher trust on Telkomcel, and also there is synergy of Telkom Group continuously supporting Telkomcel to become a prominent provider in Timor Leste.

“This cooperation is expectedly able to increase the number of new customers and improve the Telkomcel’s brand awareness in Timor Leste through this bundling program,” he explained.


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