PINS Successfully Maintain Cisco Gold Partner


Encountering keener business competition, PINS exerted its best to increase the corporate’s Value by improving and enhancing human resources capability, company’s business and technology process sustainably.

It is not easy to gain trust from the world class principle even in the highest partnership level. PINS Indonesia as subsidiary of Telkom Group assigned to deal with CPE Integration and Managed Services, successfully maintain its status as Cisco gold partner. PINS Indonesia was proven of able to meet the obligation as gold partner with the high score thereby gaining Waive or in other words no Visit Audit is required.

“It is an outstanding achievement owing to the extraordinary Solid spirit, Speed, Smart of the companions. Thank you and I would address my high appreciation to all teams” said Prasabri

By successfully maintaining the predicate of gold partner, cisco provided a framework to build sales, technical and cisco lifecycle services skills required to address solution from Cisco to the end customers. Through specialization and certification program, Cisco is able to identify the partner’s quality in operating the newest technology solution from cisco. Now, PINS has had 12 certified people being the key of success in maintaining the status as the gold partner.

“Cisco gold partner is a milestone for PINS Indonesia in increasing the professionalism level to support Telkom Group in providing the best service to the customers” said CEO PINS Prasabri Pesti.

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