IoT Service


IoT Service / Machine to Machine (M2M) is a good solution for Planning, Design, Procurement, Implementation, Operation devices with integrated network sensor and Computing system, data analysis. Entirely, a system makes all devices and sensor able to transmit data via network for a computation system, thereby able to provide real time data analysis for faster decision making.

This product and service may occur in various scales, starting from large scale such as City Smart as well as medium scale such as development of Smart Building. Various devices and connected to the computation system will lead to the Automation System Otomasi and control center.

In its implementation, the City Smart concept is manifested by traffic monitoring and control using camera with different sensor (CCTV), automatic system of traffic light and street lighting are controlled from the Control Center. It also applies to the Smart Building that has capability of analysis of data on Building Automation to manage the consumption energy used in AC (Air Conditioner) and Light in the illumination by using Smart Grid. It excludes sensor for security such smoke/fire detector and panic button to anticipate emergency incident.

IOT solutions/ M2M is already proven of able to provide efficiency in the energy use, increase productivity and security in caring. IoT Product Catalog

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