Corporate Identity


PINS’ Logo uniquely represents the commitment, professionalism in working, modesty in serving customers, and encouraging the sustainable growth of the company. Full stop above alphabet i – the initial letter of the word Integrity – represents the commitment of PINS that complements Telkom Indonesia in providing integrated telecommunications services.

Solid black color in the circle graphically symbolizes the strong willingness and determination of every individual in PINS to provide the best for the company and consumers. Grey color symbolizes technology, communication, and modernization. While the red color symbolizes courage, persistence, and energy that become the spirit of the company to be always optimistic and courageous in facing challenge and change.

The unique symbol formed from symmetrical section on the alphabets p and n symbolizes two-way communication and mutual respect. The position of the alphabet i – the initial letter of the word integrity – located between them symbolizes the seriousness of efforts to achieve common benefits for all stakeholders. The gray color, that means communication and technology in such symbol confirms the PINS’ position as the integrated telecommunications service provider for Telkom Indonesia.

In 2016, in accordance with its vision, mission and new tagline, PINS added a tagline “The loT Company” to the logo. A gray color symbolizes technology, communication, and modernization in consistent with the PINS’ tagline ” The loT Company”.