CEO PINS: Our Vision is The IoT Company

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We stand on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution that fundamentally will change how we live, work, and relate to each other -World Economic Forum-.

The first industrial revolution in the late 18th century with the invention of the steam engine was to the engineering of production. The second industrial revolution in early 20th century, best known for mass production was marked by the invention of electricity. The third industrial revolution (1970-2000) began with the use of devices and information technology to eletronik automation production. The fourth industrial revolution was built on the basis of the third industrial revolution, with the mix of technologies in the physical, digital and biology fields.

It was predicted that by 2020, internet of things (IoT) solution will change the way we work and live. Gartner predicted that by 2020, about 12.9 billion devices, more than 25 Million applications, 4 billion people would be inter-connected with transaction data reaching 50 trillion GB data and chance of 4 trillion USD.

PINS Indonesia is a subsidiary of TelkomGroup dealing with business in the IoT (Internet Of Things). Application of IoT is predicted to become a new trend in the market. In a simple way, IoT is a unique device (things) and able to be connected to the network and perform the delivery or retrieval of data without human interaction.

“PINS currently focuses to develop products in Indonesia. With IoT platforms and capabilities of human resources we have today, PINS are ready to meet the era of IoT, and is in line with our vision that PINS The IoT Company” said CEO PINS Indonesia Prasabri Pesti on quarterly review (15/08/).

PT PINS Indonesia has entered into cooperation with the world-class principals in setting up a reliable platform, so allowing the market to enjoy our IoT products such as BYOD, Smart Building, Smart City in the future.
Furthermore Prasabri reviews the back three portfolios of PINS namely mobility services, CPE Services, adn M2M Solution/IoT. All of them were conical on one thing the Internet of Things. Our direction is to become The IoT Company, he said.

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