Subsidiary Of Telkom, More Serious Working On Smart Building


The trend of Internet of Things (IoT) is believed to be thriving in Indonesia. IOT is the connection between various devices (hardware and software) via the internet. Smart Building became one of the implementations of the IoT. Where various devices or home CCTV security systems such as buildings, equipment, doors, fence houses, and others, integrated through internet access.

Smart Building concept is clever and building this concept using the automation system called a Building Automation System (BAS). The automation system on Smart Building refers to the use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) to control the various equipment in the building.

According to the data issued by BSRIA, smart building market in Asia will continue to grow from US $ 427 billion to US $ 1.036 billion by 2020. This is a great opportunity PINS Indonesia as the Smart Building solutions provider for Indonesia market.

One of the main focuses in the development of IoT Telkom Group in Indonesia is to develop a Smart Building Solutions. To realize this solution, Telkom synergy through its subsidiaries, Indonesia, PT Sigma PINS and GSD share a role in preparing the platform for Smart Building that would later make the management of multi-storey buildings and become more efficient, productive, and transparency. says CEO PINS Indonesaia Prasabri Pesti.

PINS Indonesia, as a Telkom subsidiary that focus on premises integration, device and IoT has been preparing for the implementation of the 5 layers of the Smart Building solutions, Integrated main Builing management system (IBMS), Building Automation System (BAS), then Building Safety and Security (BSS), Building Facility (BAFC) and the last Building Connectivity (BCON).

To run the Smart Building solutions, PINS Indonesia has teamed up with world class principals with the ability in preparing the integration platform of the IoT Smart Building a reliable, so hopefully, we can offer a lifestyle change for the community that provides comfort, convenience and can be enjoy by the market are good, added Prasabri.

It is predicted this year, there is a potential market of Smart Building solutions in Indonesia valued at Rp 720 billion. The figure comes from a market dominated by offices, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and apartments,

Do not forget, we also invest in the development of human resources, it’s large enough for strengthening of the capability smart building. Availability of personnel with proven project management certified specifically for smart building, concluded Prasabri.


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